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The Tree of Life Extended Cut (95 views)

(2 weeks ago)
Criterion Collection has just released an extended cut version of the 2011 film “The Tree of Life”. Since the regular version of the film already is released here on this site, I'm wondering if a linker possibly could find links to this newly released extended version of the film? I'm asking here since the request form is supossed to be used when requesting a film that's not on the site or where there is no links at all.

Theatrical cut = 139:05
Extended cut = 188:41


Thanks in advance!

senior master
(2 weeks ago)
I have never watched this film but now that you have me curious, I am going to look for the extended version to download for future viewing. I hope someone adds the links for you and other members to enjoy. Thanks for the unintended recommendation, it's much appreciated.


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